MIPS image blend and warp processor launched by projectiondesign at I/ITSEC

ORLANDO, Fla., 1 Dec. 2009. Officials at projectiondesign in Fredrikstad, Norway, is launching the MIPS WB2560, an all-new multi-image processing system at I/ITSEC 09 in Orlando, Fla. The system provides image blending and geometry correction for 2-D and 3-D display in scientific visualization, training and simulation systems in the military, security, education and aerospace sectors.

Designed to integrate with projectiondesign projectors, MIPS WB2560 is capable of providing image and geometry correction on a per-pixel basis for reliable image performance. MIPS WB2560 is scalable, enabling multiple channels to be combined to produce a single image. MIPS units are configurable to create images ranging from a simple 2-channel blend to complex multi-channel, geometry-corrected 3D stereoscopic displays for use on any projection surface.

The processing engine is transparent to the image generator, and operates at or near zero latency depending on setup; this makes the MIPS WB2560 useful for military simulation, where the realism of fast-moving scenarios is crucial to the success of personnel training.

"When conceiving MIPS, we set out to create an architecture that would offer completely transparent and dedicated scaling and processing for each channel," says Anders Løkke, international marketing and communications manager at projectiondesign. "Using DualLink DVI interfacing at speeds of up to 6.25 gigabits per second ensures that images are free from compression artefacts, while compatibility with any resolution up to WQXGA (2,560 x 1,600) means MIPS is ready to blend, warp, and color-manage the next generation of displays."

The MIPS WB2560 features black level matching, allowing the black level of individual displays to be adjusted to create truly seamless blending and perfect matching between multiple displays. Additionally, pixel level matching allows individual RGB lift and gain per pixel, while the high-speed, dual processor at the heart of the MIPS WB2560 features user-selectable filtering, including bi-cubic interpolation and the acclaimed 4 x 4 Lanczos adaptive filtering.

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