JetBlue Airways selects PASSUR integrated traffic management for enterprise-wide implementation

STAMFORD, Conn., 31 Jan. 2012. JetBlue Airways is deploying PASSUR Integrated Traffic Management (PITM) from PASSUR Aerospace Inc. at its system operations center and throughout its network. The PITM Web-hosted, integrated business-intelligence platform targets key constraints through the life cycle of a flight to optimize fuel costs and emissions, schedule integrity, and the passenger experience. JetBlue officials selected the following PITM solutions: Traffic Management Initiative Optimization, Diversion Management, Surface Management/Departure Optimization, Hub Control Center Management, and Tarmac Delay Management.

PITM targets key constraints through the entire life cycle of a flight, to optimize fuel costs and emissions, schedule integrity, and the passenger experience. PITM incorporates a proprietary network of radar surveillance systems installed throughout North America and internationally, integrated aviation databases with extensive historical archives, predictive analytical algorithms, and user-friendly decision support software.

"PASSUR is a critical partner in our strategic operating plan," says Rob Maruster, JetBlue's executive vice president and chief operating officer. "As we grow in size and complexity, particularly with our focus in the Northeast and its complicated airspace, we view operations business intelligence as a major opportunity to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and continue to deliver superior customer care."

PASSUR's solutions are designed to enable airlines to predict arrival times more accurately, anticipate pending airport delays, manage congested airways, surface operations and irregular events more effectively, and coordinate with other aviation organizations to help to ensure smooth and predictable operations.


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