Boeing 787 Dreamliner with Crane brake control system visits Asia

SINGAPORE, 20 Feb. 2012. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, now traveling through the Asia-Pacific region in the third segment of its worldwide Dream Tour, sports the Brake Control and Antiskid System from Crane Aerospace & Electronics in Lynnwood, Wa. Crane’s Brake Control and Monitoring System on the 787 combines the company’s brake control and antiskid technologies, SmartStem wireless tire pressure sensing, and brake temperature monitoring into a single system.

“These integrated technologies build upon Crane’s expertise in antiskid control, brake temperature monitoring, and wheel speed and tire pressure indication,” explains Dave Bender, president of Crane Aerospace & Electronics.

Crane Aerospace & Electronics, with more than 60 years of experience, provides aircraft brake control systems worldwide with more than 25,000 systems delivered and in service. The company also supplies systems and components for critical aerospace and defense applications.




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