Rugged, high-density Amphenol connectors offer compatibility with existing micro-miniature aerospace and defense connectors

SIDNEY, N.Y., 9 Feb. 2012. Amphenol Aerospace, a provider of interconnect systems, has unveiled a series of rugged, micro-miniature connectors designed to maximize size, weight, and power (SWaP) in high-reliability, harsh environments, as well as to deliver power throughput and consistent coupling by incorporating more electrical connections in a compact form factor. The company’s new 2M Series are available in shell sizes from 5 to 23, weigh 72 percent less and is 52 percent smaller than standard MIL-DTL-38999 connectors, and are intermateable and intermountable with existing micro-miniature, high-density connectors typically used in aerospace and defense applications.

The 2M Series uses advanced bonding techniques to increase adhesion properties, reduce the risk of foreign object debris, and increase reliability in the harsh conditions associated with soldier-wearable, missile and ordnance, communications, and avionics applications. Each of the four coupling styles withstand up to 37 Gs of random vibration and 300 Gs of shock.

For breakaway applications, the 2M804’s push-pull coupling offers quick disconnect. Conversely, the tri-start ACME thread-style 2M805 uses an anti-decoupling ratchet for secure mating.

AAO offers the 2M connectors in its Durmalon aluminum/nickel-PTFE plating, the only mil-qualified RoHS-compliant plating in the industry, according to a company spokesperson. The micro-miniature connectors come in other common platings, including stainless steel/passivated, non-conductive aluminum/black anodize, aluminum/electroless nickel, and aluminum/zinc-nickel with black chromate or olive drab.

The connectors can be internally filtered for radiated and conducted EMI to increase system efficiency and reduce overall system size, weight, and components. Amphenol’s line of complementary accessories for the 2M Series includes: protection caps and strain relief, EMI and environmental back shells, flange gaskets, hex nuts, O-rings, and heat shrink boots.


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