Airbus enjoys strong presence at Avionics Europe 2012

MUNICH, 21 March 2012. Airbus and Cassidian officials have renewed their support for the Avionics Europe conference and exhibition. The companies are Gold Sponsors of the annual event, taking place now in Munich. Airbus, an EADS company, is also lending a keynote speaker to the event: Pierre Bachelier, head of Air Traffic Management Program at Airbus.

Bachelier’s presentation, “The ATM transformation from an aircraft manufacturer perspective,” helped open the Avionics Europe 2012 conference this morning. “Air Traffic growth requires a significant ATM transformation based on an air-ground integration taking benefits or advanced airborne capabilities,” he says. “Industrialization of the solutions which are currently under development within Research Programs, such as SESAR, should be based on proven cost-benefit analysis and insurance of a coordinated deployment of new airborne and ground systems.”

Airbus is continuously carrying out R&T activities, in particular in the field of advanced avionics systems and software, says a representative. In a context of strong competition in the aeronautics domain, the techniques, methods, and tools supporting critical embedded systems and software development are considered as key enablers. That’s why Airbus is involved in different European and national initiatives in order to strongly push the emergence of new software architecture and techniques, of modelling approaches and integrated tools for avionics system development.

Committed to improving the performance of its aircraft and to produce them in a responsible way, Airbus is taking an active role in improving the overall air transport system and one of its focuses is helping to define and promote modernized air traffic management, with the overall objective to allow a sustainable growth of air transport. 

Airbus has launched a subsidiary company, called Airbus ProSky, to help accelerate and support the process of implementation of ATM programs (SESAR in Europe, NextGen in the U.S.), and link them together by capitalizing on the technological, operational, and commercial synergies.


Additional Airbus presentations at Avionics Europe include:


March 21

10:30-12:30 Session 1: Communications
Fabienne SAURON-COMBIE- Airbus FANS Retrofit Project Leader

“FANS C” presentation:

In the current worldwide context of challenging ATM steering programs, Airbus is defining an ambitious roadmap for its future FANS products, encouraging all main ATM actors to work in a synchronized way towards a convergent objective.


14:00 - 15:30 Session 3: Surveillance
Tin-Hin , Thierry, Airline CNS/ATM Support, Flight Operations Support & Services, Airbus

Implementation of ADS-B IN:

“The steady growth of the air traffic for the next decades will bring even more aircraft in the air. 20 years ago, ACAS has been designed as an improvement step for traffic awareness. Today traffic awareness is making a giant leap with ADS-B IN. ADS-B IN or ATSAW is now in the air.”


March 22

10:30-12:30 Session 5: Retrofits
John Grant, Airbus Customer Support, Services Marketing Manager

“Upgrade decisions for ageing aircraft”

Avionics Aircraft upgrade decisions are challenging.  A global view of future needs and a packaging approach can be a key success factor.


The Session 3 – Avionics Diagnostics will be chaired by Pierre Magro, Head of Avionics Product Line at Airbus

Location A22

On the exhibition floor, Airbus and Cassidian will share an exhibition booth, strengthening the individual and EADS group brand and displaying some of the leading technologies available to the market. On the booth, Airbus will communicate on projects directly related to airborne new equipments, as I4D.



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