Avionics Keynote: Mario Araujo

A native of Porto, Mario Araujo is a graduate from Lisbon Technical University and has a degree in Electrical Engineering from 1972. He spent the first seven years of his professional life designing instrumentation and control equipment while working in Applied Physics research centers, having joined the Atomic and Molecular Physics Institute in Amsterdam in 1973.

He joined TAP in 1979. The first 10 years he spent designing test equipment in the Electrical and Avionics shops, where he also took care of Automatic Test Equipment and provided engineering support for a wide range of avionics products. Later he became an engineering manager for Components Maintenance, and took charge of the maintenance policies for Boeing and Airbus components in the Avionics, Mechanical, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, APU and Landing Gear shops and Flight Simulators.

In 1998, he was appointed Director of Engineering and is still in that capacity today, overseeing the business development programs of TAP Portugal fleets and taking responsibility for its Maintenance Programs policy definition.

In addition to his duties at TAP he has ever since 1976 assumed positions as lecturer in the Physics and EE departments of Lisbon Technical University and Lisbon Polytechnic Institute.



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