Avionics supplier harnesses power of Presagis VAPS XT-178 for certifiable HMIs

MUNICH, 21 March 2012. A leading avionics supplier has completed initial test flights of its upgraded rotorcraft containing DO-178B-certifiable code and ARINC 661-compliant displays generated by Presagis VAPS XT-178 HMI software, as well as the VAPS XT-178 ARINC 661 module, according to a Presagis representative. Presagis VAPS XT-178 CertKit was used to support the certification process.

“A key focus in any major aircraft program is on delivery and the need to certify work to industry standards, such as DO-178 and ARINC 661,” says Robert Kopersiewich, vice president and product segment lead of Embedded Graphics, Presagis. “VAPS XT-178 provides control and flexibility in the design, testing, and deployment of next-generation cockpit displays, while VAPS XT-178 CertKit provides our customer with a clear path toward DO-178B certification and the VAPS XT ARINC 661 module will enable ARINC 661 compliance.”

Enabling the generation of C++ code in a deterministic and automated way, VAPS XT-178 is designed to reduce the risk associated with RTCA DO-178B certification and ARINC 661 compliance in safety-critical systems in next-generation programs. VAPS XT-178 also enabled the user to automatically produce certifiable code, speed development, and reduce risks related to DO-178 standard requirements with the aid of full certification artifacts provided by Presagis VAPS-XT 178 CertKit.

In addition, the customer has developed ARINC 661-compliant displays using Presagis tools.  

This unnamed supplier joins other Presagis customers, including BAE, AgustaWestland, Barco, and Elbit, which have used Presagis software for the certification of avionics projects.



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