Core Avionics & Industrial announces safety-critical OpenGL graphics drivers, development of DO-178B/C certification package for AMD GPUs

MUNICH, 21 March 2012. Executives at Core Avionics & Industrial (CoreAVI) LLC, a Channel One company, revealed during Avionics Europe 2012 the development of an RTCA DO-178B/C Level A OpenGL graphics driver certification package for AMD (NYSE:AMD) graphics processors.

CoreAVI engineers are developing an RTCA DO-178C Level A-certifiable OpenGL graphics driver certification package for AMD processors, with initial support for the AMD Radeon E4690 graphics processing unit (GPU). The news is a continuation of CoreAVI’s ongoing commitment to provide military, avionics, and industrial manufacturers with program-ready graphics processors and system on a chip (SoC) components, says a spokesperson.  

Developed in collaboration with several leading avionics system manufacturers and FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs), CoreAVI’s graphics driver certification package will initially support the temperature-screened version of the AMD Radeon E4690 discrete graphics processor, with a product roadmap that includes several next-generation SoC and discrete graphics components.

A product demonstration of the turnkey E4690 graphics solution for avionics platforms is on display in booth C14 at the Avionics and Defense Electronics Europe conference and trade show in Munich, Germany, March 21-22, 2012.


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