Excitement on the exhibit floor

The exhibition floor at Avionics Europe features a variety of exhibitor presentations from knowledgeable executives at influential aerospace and defense technology firms. Today’s presenters include: TE Connectivity, National Instruments, PTC, Atego, and Vector Informatik.

Wednesday 21st March
11:00 am - TE Connectivity 
11:45 am - National Instruments
1:00 pm - PTC
1:45 pm - Atego
3:15 pm - Vector Informatik GmbH

TE Connectivity 
Advanced Avionics Interconnect Technology 
Overview of new avionics interconnect technologies, including VITA 46 VPX, VITA 61 XMC 2.0, VITA 62 VPX Power Supply, VITA 66 Fiber Optics for VPX and VITA 67 Coaxial Interconnect for VPX, as well as overviews of next generation products such as Fortis Zd backplane interconnect and Ceelok Fas-T, the industry's premier rugged 10GbE connector. 

Speaker: Gregory Powers, Market Development Manager 

National Instruments 
Software-defined Instrumentation Leveraging COTS Technologies 
Software-defined instrumentation offers a high degree of flexibility for prototyping as well as for testing avionic systems. The presentation will focus on the technical background of the modular PXI platform, which enables powerful high-speed data streaming, phase-coherent RF measurement and playback , spectrum monitoring, signal characterization and more by leveraging COTS technologies. 
Speaker: Frank Wiedmann Director Business Development & Systems Engineering, Europe

Delivering Innovative High Consequence Embedded Software On Schedule With Integrity, A PTC Product 
Embedded software in commercial and military avionics has become the key driver of innovation in the 21st century, but this trend is accompanied by monumental challenges including safety, quality, compliance, and product line management.  Integrity, a leading ALM solution, enables engineering organizations to efficiently and effectively address these challenges in a single software system lifecycle management platform.  
Speaker: Steven Denman Senior Solutions Marketing Specialist

Model-based development of ARINC653 using UML and SysML in a DO178-C environment 
The paper presentation will try to bridge the worlds of IMA, ARINC 653 and UML/SysML modeling of systems and software in a pragmatic way. Using Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA), the goals are similar to normal systems or software modeling using UML and SysML: Minimize life cycle costs and enhance the systems and software quality. For integrating IMA concepts into the field of RTOS usage, ARINC 653 is aimed to standardize this, including the definition of configuration data for the complete application. Our presentation will show the transition from traditional, federated architecture indicating its typical trap falls to an object-oriented IMA network architecture with appropriate layers modeled, re-using best practice concepts of modeling using UML and SysML. This includes perspectives showing the IMA hardware and software elements in a model annotated additionally by an ARINC 653 profile. We will also show how model-to-text transformation from the enriched model can be used to automate consistent configuration generation and how this can be further on enhanced to integrate model-based approaches with principles in the upcoming DO-178C. 
Speaker: Andreas Korff      

Vector Informatik GmbH 
Systems Engineering and Functional Safety – The Way Forward 
Key words: systems engineering, functional safety, model-based systems engineering, assessment and validation of safety critical systems 
Speaker: Albert Habermann Project Manager



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