L-3 DPA integrates DiSTI Replic8 into training system

MUNICH, March 2012. The DiSTI Corp., a developer of interactive 3D software and customized training solutions, reveals during Avionics Europe that L-3 D.P. Associates (L-3 DPA) has integrated DiSTI’s Replic8 content into the company’s C3enterprise-level courseware development system.

In adding Replic8 to its C3 Editor tool, L-3 DPA has broadened its training capabilities by expanding the spectrum of supported assets to include high-fidelity 3D interactive materials.

As a provider of human performance solutions, L-3 DPA provides analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation services for any training environment. The C3 enterprise-level courseware development system offers improvements to existing development tools of SCORM-conformant interactive multimedia instruction, including front end analysis, an enterprise Web portal, and Web-enabled development tools. C3 facilitates online collaboration for all members of the development team and enables customers to provide essential feedback.

A new tool, Replic8 creates 3D interactive maintenance and task training applications in less time than it takes to make a video, says a representative. Working directly with Autodesk’s 3ds Max, Replic8 converts 3D models into interactive content to create training applications. Replic8 turns traditional page-turning learning into an interactive training experience that increases knowledge retention, shortens training schedules, and engages the student, according to a representative. With its Java-based framework, Replic8 material integrates into L-3 DPA’s C3 Editor.

L-3 DPA’s C3 courseware development system is used for military, government, and commercial markets. Replic8 is available for download and purchase.



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