2012 AEA Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes Paul Ryan

WASHINGTON, 4 April 2012. Paul Ryan won the 2012 Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) Lifetime Achievement Award during the opening of the 55th annual AEA international convention and trade show in Washington, D.C.

Ryan established Dytronics Co. Inc. in 1957, designing and selling products to companies engaged in the new aerospace efforts. By making null adjustments to solve a couple of simple electrical equations simultaneously, he realized that precise phase angles could be synthesized with remarkable precision. The resulting primary phase angle standard was quickly recognized, accepted and adopted by the metrology laboratories of all branches of the military, NATO nations, and major aerospace contractors.

While piloting a single-engine airplane traveling to serve customer needs, Ryan had a shocking experience with the encounter of a thunderstorm. With a strong desire to help pilots avoid the dangers of thunderstorms, he worked on a solution. The resulting product was the Ryan Stormscope. The highly successful product generated a 360-degree map around the aircraft for pilot viewing of lightning activity. It was sold to the 3M Co. in 1981. Currently, it is owned and marketed by L-3 Avionics Systems, and more than 50,000 Stormscope units are flying today.

Following the sale of Stormscope, Ryan founded Ryan International Corp., a longtime member of the AEA. Under his direction, Ryan International developed world-class traffic advisory system products. In 2005, Ryan International Corp. merged with Avidyne Inc.

Ryan attended Ohio State University, earned a degree in electrical engineering and continued advanced studies in physics. Throughout the years, Ryan has been recognized with a number of awards, including the 2010 Benjamin G. Lamme Medalist award, presented by the college of engineering at Ohio State University, the highest engineering award for meritorious achievement in advancing engineering.

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