Free Webinar on using simulation to achieve DO-178C certification objectives takes place 26 April, 11 am EDT


NASHUA, N.H., 11 April 2012. The staff of Avionics Intelligence invites avionics professionals to take part in a free Webinar on Thurs., 26 April at 11 am EDT. Register today at

“Simics: An Environment to Help Avionics Developers Meet DO-178C Objectives” is an educational Webinar discussing how avionics developers can harness the power of Wind River Simics to meet new guidance published in DO-178C.

Wind River Simics is a full-system simulator used by software developers to simulate virtually any target hardware--from a single processor to large, complex, connected electronic systems. The simulation enables the target software (board support package, firmware, real-time operating system (RTOS), middleware, and application) to run on a virtual platform the same way it does on the physical hardware.

The historic methods of achieving compliance may no longer be acceptable, admits a Wind River executive. DO-178C requires more rigor in the areas of requirements and verification, he adds.   

Attendees will learn the following in the free Webinar:
•    How nuances in DO-178C guidance may impact certification processes for avionics developers
•    Capability overview of the Simics full system simulation environment with highlights of unique capabilities relevant to addressing DO-178 objectives
•    Details on Simics features that transcend hardware test platform capabilities to solve more rigorous DO-178C verification requirements
•    How Simics can help developers standardize their processes and satisfy requirements-based testing, coverage analysis and robustness verification more easily

Wind River is a provider of aerospace and defense embedded software solutions, providing mission-proven trusted platforms for systems demanding safety and security with high performance. Wind River provides federated and integrated modular avionics solutions certified to RTCA DO-178 for safety-critical applications.

Speakers include:

Joe Wlad, FAA DER and Senior Director of Aerospace and Defense at Wind River
Wlad is responsible for all safety-critical and secure products in the Aerospace and Defense markets. Wlad has over 25 years of safety-critical systems design, development, test, and evaluation experience including work at LynuxWorks, Intermetrics Inc., McDonnell-Douglas Aircraft Company (in the MD-11 Test and Certification organization), and United Airlines' B747 Fleet engineering and modification organization.
Wlad has also worked for Trimble Navigation as an Engineering Manager in development and FAA approval of military GPS sensors. He is a FAA DER for Systems and Equipment and Software, is an active private pilot and has co-authored three patents on Global Positioning System integrity functions. Mr. Wlad holds a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Buffalo and a MBA from Santa Clara University.

Eddie Glenn, Senior Marketing Manager at Wind River
Glenn has over 23 years of experience in the embedded software industry.  He started his career developing safety-critical software for the aviation industry and was involved in the development of DO-178B.  Prior to Wind River, Glenn was director of product management and marketing at Virtutech for 5 years. He spent nearly 14 years at Rational Software in a variety of roles including safety-critical RTOS engineer, marketing engineer, product manager, and product marketing manager. Glenn has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and electrical engineering from the University of Virginia, and an MBA from the University of Oregon.

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