NASA upgrades Open Government Plan to version 2.0


WASHINGTON, 18 April 2012. NASA has released version 2.0 of its Open Government Plan, upgraded with open data sharing, open source development, and a variety of technology acceleration efforts.

The upgrade includes a directory of more than 100 participatory, collaborative, and transparent projects, providing citizens the opportunity to understand, support, and engage with the agency. NASA will continue to add projects to the directory throughout the next year.

NASA officials launched the Open Government effort two years ago in response to the Dec. 2009 Open Government Directive, which called on executive agencies to become more open and accountable. Under Open Government, the agency has implemented 147 goals addressing policy, technology, and culture throughout its centers and offices.

"Open Government principles are already evident in numerous activities underway throughout the agency," explains Sasi Pillay, NASA chief technology officer for IT at the NASA Headquarters in Washington. "This revision of the Plan captures these activities in one place for the benefit of all."

The new plan provides a strong framework to better support the agency's vision to reach for new heights and reveal the unknown, says a spokesperson.

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