Sierra Industries sets delivery records for modified Citations


UVALDE, Texas, 26 June 2012. Sierra Industries staff delivered to customers three major Citation modifications: an S550 model in Sierra’s fleet of Williams FJ44-powered Citations, the fourth installation of the Sierra/Garmin G501SP glass panel retrofit, and a Canadian Citation V fitted with a 36-inch Sierra cargo door modification.

The S550-based Sierra Super SII delivery was retrofitted with Williams International FJ44-3A engines, upgrading the Citation S550’s performance by re-powering the aircraft with Williams International’s FADEC-controlled 2820-pound-thrust FJ44-3A engines. The Super SII modification enhances fuel efficiency and reduces emissions by as much as 27 percent, boosting cruise speeds by 30 to 40 knots, extending range to over 2,300 NM, and increasing maximum fuel payload. Dual-channel FADEC controls also provide smooth, vibration-free flight for passengers and a reduced workload for the pilot.

The company completed another G501SP glass panel retrofit for the Citation 501, with two more Citation aircraft currently undergoing G501SP installation in Sierra’s Uvalde, Texas, hangars. The three-screen G501SP incorporates Garmin’s G1000 avionics displays into an integrated flight-management system with the Citation SPZ500 autopilot. The G501SP package and options are available for installation at Sierra’s Uvalde, Texas, facility and in kit form for installation at approved Garmin dealers. The system is applicable to all Cessna Citation 501 aircraft with either Pratt & Whitney JT15-D or Williams FJ44-2A engines.

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