ARINC 429/717 avionics databus interface cards with advanced test features introduced by DDC

BOHEMIA, N.Y., 19 Aug. 2012. Data Device Corp. (DDC) in Bohemia, N.Y., is introducing introduces a line of ARINC 429/717 avionics databus interface cards with advanced test features for system integration labs and simulators, production test stands, and system troubleshooting .

The interface cards have individually programmable transmit/receive ARINC channels that enable one card to support all levels of testing and simulation. The cards come in PCI Express, PMC, PCI, CompactPCI, and PXI form factors.

DDC’s DD-40X00X series of cards offer as many as 36 ARINC 429 programmable transmit/receive channels, two ARINC 717 programmable transmit/receive channels, parametric test functionality, variable output voltage, and on board voltage monitoring.

Features include as many as 36 ARINC 429 Programmable transmit/receive Channels; flexibility to an I/O mix; hardware in-the-loop testing and integration; two programmable transmit/receive ARINC 717 channels for flight data recorder testing; 16 avionics discrete I/O; on-board message scheduling and DMA; data transfer for real time simulation; low CPU use offloads host; variable ARINC speed output; and compatibility with ARINC specifications that run at different speeds.

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