Epson targets unmanned applications, debuts S4 Series inertial measurement unit measuring less than one cubic inch


LAS VEGAS, 9 Aug. 2012. Epson Electronics America Inc. of San Jose, Calif., is introducing its S4 Series inertial measurement unit (IMU), designed to deliver high accuracy, high stability, low noise, and high sensitivity. “Early this year, Epson made a strategic decision to aggressively target and pursue unmanned applications, leveraging the size, weight and performance advantages of the S4 Series IMU,” says David B. Gaber, Epson’s product marketing & business development manager for Inertial Sensing Products. 

“Targeting the unmanned land, air, sea, and space vehicle manufacturers, we are confident that the S4 Series IMU will dramatically change the competitive landscape in the miniature IMU market,” Gaber adds.  

Epson’s small, lightweight, low-power IMU is designed to provide designers and integrators of unmanned applications greater flexibility, enabling integration into systems where space is limited but performance is crucial, reveals a spokesperson.  

“The reality of building the small unmanned vehicles of today is that IMU performance comes second to size and weight; engineers are forced to overcome accuracy issues in clever ways by making compromises elsewhere,” Gaber says.

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