ARINC to deploy Deltek Costpoint manufacturing execution system to drive efficiency, profitability of its aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations

HERNDON, Va., 13 Sept. 2012. Officials at aerospace and defense contractor ARINC have selected the Deltek Costpoint Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to improve the efficiency and profitability of the company’s aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) operations, enabling ARINC to refurbish more aircraft—faster, with higher quality, and at a lower cost.

The new Costpoint MES from Deltek Inc., a provider of enterprise software and information solutions, is designed to help businesses reduce cycle times, improve quality, and lower costs in its aircraft MRO Operations. The Deltek Costpoint ERP system also powers ARINC’s company-wide financial management processes. ARINC selected Deltek Costpoint MES to drive greater efficiency and profitability in its aircraft refurbishment operations.

The Deltek Costpoint MES is expected to aid ARINC in:

Increasing shop floor efficiency: Costpoint MES delivers all the data and instructions for disassembling, reassembling, and inspecting an aircraft. Routing instructions and diagrams are provided online in a step-by-step fashion for each aircraft. Important information, including assembly instructions, part information, and inspection results, can be easily accessed and recorded on the shop floor so no time is wasted throughout the MRO process, accelerating the speed of ARINC’s refurbishment operations.

Driving greater product quality: Costpoint MES delivers instructions for conducting inspections as an aircraft is repaired and reassembled. It also records crucial information including product serial numbers, the employees that worked on each assembly, time worked, defects found, and how defects were resolved. The information Costpoint MES captures in real time will help ARINC proactively prevent product quality issues that can raise production costs.

Greatly accelerating cash flow: With Costpoint and Costpoint MES integrated together, all time and materials involved in the refurbishment process are captured and invoiced for automatically, using project-based costing rules. The tight connection between ARINC’s shop floor and its financial management system will improve cash flow as completed work is billed for much faster than before.

“Costpoint MES will improve our aircraft MRO operations in a variety of measurable ways,” says Carl McKay, director of business operations for ARINC. “We will have one integrated system with all of the appropriate operations and instructions, completely integrated with our planning, project management, invoicing, and accounting processes. The efficiencies gained on the shop floor will enable us to finish work on each aircraft more quickly and profitably, while maintaining our industry-leading quality standards. That’s a win-win for ARINC and our customers.”

“Since we launched Costpoint MES earlier this year, we have seen tremendous interest in this particular solution and our entire portfolio of project manufacturing capabilities as a whole. Leading government contractors, such as ARINC, are increasingly looking to Deltek to unite their financial management systems with their manufacturing operations, providing one project-based process for managing their businesses,” says Tom Mazich, Deltek’s EVP and general manager – Govcon.

Deltek’s project manufacturing suite includes Materials ManagementCostpoint MES, and Costpoint Shop Floor Time

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