Lockheed Martin, PT CMI Teknologi partner on Indonesia National Air Space Surveillance program

JAKARTA, Indonesia, 8 Nov. 2012. PT CMI Teknologi (CMI) in Indonesia will begin in-country manufacturing of the TPS-77 and FPS-117 long-range surveillance radars following a production readiness review. Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) in Bethesda, Md., and CMI are jointly pursuing the National Airspace Surveillance–Republic of Indonesia (NASRI) program.

“The success of the production readiness review shows that CMI’s workforce is ready to begin the assembly of radar row receivers, which is a major step in the qualification process,” said James Gribbon, Asia Pacific regional president for Lockheed Martin. “These are key assemblies in the solid-state design and L-band operation of these high-performing radars that are already operating in 25 countries around the world.”  

The goal of the Lockheed Martin/CMI team is to produce more than 20 new radars designed to enhance airspace surveillance, safety, and management over the Indonesian Archipelago, which is said to include more than 17,000 islands. The Indonesian government, under its defense revitalization initiative, seeks to enhance air sovereignty and surveillance over the country’s islands and to expand Indonesia’s industrial capabilities. Data feeds from the new network are also expected to enhance civilian air traffic control (ATC), including commercial air traffic management (ATM), currently handled by radars in Singapore.

PT CMI Teknologi of Bandung, Indonesia, specializes in microwave design and manufacturing and holds contracts for the development and support of Indonesian military radar systems. Lockheed Martin signed a teaming agreement with CMI this year and, in August, issued a subcontract to CMI to begin the qualification process in building radar row receivers.

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