Roke Miniature Radar Altimeter now comes standard on Saab Skeldar drone

Saab Skeldar
Saab Skeldar

ROMSEY, England, 20 Nov. 2012. Roke Manor Research Ltd (Roke), a Chemring Group company, and Saab have integrated Roke’s Miniature Radar Altimeter (MRA) into Saab's Skeldar unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Now a standard fit, Roke's Type 2 MRA is integrated into the Skeldar landing system, enabling the medium-range drone to determine its height above ground with greater accuracy.

“Roke's MRA will deliver the very high accuracy required in order to be a part of the avionics suite in Skeldar. This will effectively support Skeldar's high autonomy during landing to maximize the safe conclusion of missions. The MRA's compact size and light weight also allows us to free-up space on Skeldar and maximize payload," says Jonas Carlsson, senior product manager at Saab.

The versatile MRA Type 2 functions reliably over a wide variety of terrains, including over water, which is often a challenge for traditional laser altimeters. Roke's MRA is designed to provide continuously accurate measurements in even the most challenging flying situations, such as misty or dusty conditions, allowing missions to continue no matter the environmental impact.

"Roke's MRA has been developed for easy installation onto all major UAV platforms,” describes Paul Webb, unmanned systems business sector manager at Roke.


Saab Skeldar
Saab Skeldar UAV
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