Japan’s airlines previously aware of Boeing 787 battery issues

TOKYO, 31 Jan. 2013. All Nippon Airways mechanics replaced 10 batteries on the airline’s fleet of Boeing 787 airliners over a period of eight months, from May to Dec. 2012, reveals a spokesperson.

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) personnel, upon hearing this news, promptly requested Boeing records.

According to an ANA spokeswoman, Boeing 787 batteries were replaced for a variety of reasons. Further, she explained, doing so is not uncommon, Boeing was made aware of the replacements, and the work need not have been reported to the Transport Ministry. Reasons for the batteries replacements included failure of batteries and problems with chargers.

A Japan Airlines representative was reported to have confirmed battery replacement in the JAL 787 fleet, but could not be reached for confirmation and comment.


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