JetBlue Airways to retrofit in-service Airbus A320 fleet with sharklets

NEW YORK, 28 Feb. 2013. JetBlue Airways executives signed a letter of intent with Airbus to acquire 110 ship-sets of retrofit Sharklets for the airline's in-service A320 aircraft.

Sharklets are wing tip devices designed to improve the aerodynamics of Airbus aircraft and cut fuel burn and emissions.

"Airbus has been a tremendous partner in developing the Sharklets solution for our A320 fleet; we believe we have made an excellent choice for our aircraft," says Dave Barger, president and CEO of JetBlue Airways. "We feel the Sharklets are a prudent investment in our fleet, our environment and our people that will maximize performance and efficiency, while minimizing our carbon footprint."

Tom Williams, executive vice president of programs at Airbus, calls JetBlue “the first airline in the world to make the decision to retrofit its in-service fleet with the fuel-saving upgrade of Sharklets. These Sharklets will make JetBlue's already efficient and reliable in-service A320 fleet even more competitive.”

Sharklets are an option for the A320 Family aircraft and offer JetBlue the option of an additional 100 nautical miles range or increased payload capability of up to 1,000 pounds. Sharklets are standard on all members of the A320neo Family.

Deliveries are scheduled to start in 2014.

At the conclusion of this agreement and the retrofitting, JetBlue will have the largest A320 fleet in the world with Sharklets, says a representative. JetBlue's future Airbus deliveries will come outfitted with Sharklets.

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