ONERA acquires Bruel & Kjar wind tunnel test system

Wind tunnel

DENMARK, 18 March 2013. French aerospace research center ONERA has acquired a 200-channel Brüel & Kjær PULSE acoustic data acquisition system for wind tunnel testing.

The system will first be used for scale-model, aero-acoustic measurements at the S1 large sonic wind tunnel in Modane, after which ONERA will use the system in a number of its other wind tunnels.

This system integrates with the wind-tunnel control system at the Modane facility, which can remotely control the data acquisition process. During data recording, process data is simultaneously displayed with real-time acoustic data in the form of time/frequency plots.

The system, based on Brüel & Kjær’s standard PULSE LAN-XI Data Acquisition Hardware and PULSE analysis platform, provides a dedicated, streamlined workflow to handle the system setup, data recording, and postprocessing analysis. It is sized to handle large data throughput.

Acoustic measurements in wind tunnel systems are categorized by the large number of channels needed, high data sampling frequencies, tight phase matching between channels, and the high dynamic range of recorded levels.

Wind tunnel mage courtesy Shutterstock

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wind tunnel

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