EADCO and PC-Aero debut Elektro E6 aircraft


PARIS, 17 June 2013. EADCO and PC-Aero are presenting their new future aircraft and project, Elektro E6, at the Paris Air Show.

Elektro E6 is the technology platform for a future, all-electric, transport aircraft.

Low emissions, noise, and vibration are coupled with a full carbon composite structure, two electric engines, high-wing propeller, solar cell technology, seats, payload, and 500 km range (in six years), according to a spokesperson.

The goals are to build a proof of concept in the years, and gain certification in 10 years.

The final certified version of the Elektro E6 will include all systems in a normal commercial aircraft, including retractable landing gear, anti-ice system, cabin pressure, and air conditioning. 


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