Core Avionics & Industrial provides OpenCL, OpenGL support for real-time operating systems on AMD Embedded G-Series SOC processors

TAMPA, Fla., 2 Aug. 2013. Core Avionics & Industrial Inc. (CoreAVI), a Channel One company, has developed embedded OpenCL drivers for AMD (NYSE:AMD) Embedded G-Series SOC processors for use in aerospace and defense, and other high-reliability applications.

CoreAVI also enhanced its existing OpenGL driver offering to support the AMD Embedded G-Series SOC family of products. CoreAVI’s OpenCL architecture enables system manufacturers to take advantage of the heterogeneous and general-purpose processing capabilities of AMD’s Radeon graphics processors (GPUs) and multicore system-on-a-chip (SOC) processors.

The company’s latest releases are designed to enable customers to take full advantage of advanced onboard AMD Radeon graphics integrated into the new AMD Embedded G-Series SOC to perform unique features and functions, such as object recognition, advanced video processing, encryption, and sensor data collection, that have traditionally required extensive hardware programming and multiple FPGAs or DSPs in addition to the CPU.

CoreAVI’s embedded OpenGL driver sets and OpenCL API (application programming interface), designed from the ground up for deployment in resource-constrained devices, supports popular real-time and safety-critical operating systems, such as Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY, DDC-I’s Deos, and Wind River’s VxWorks.

CoreAVI provides “program ready” AMD components—including temperature-screened components with 20+ year supply, embedded OpenGL graphics drivers, and FAA DO-178B/C and DO-254 safety-critical data sets—to mil-aero and high-reliability system manufacturers.

Beginning with AMD Embedded G-Series SOCs, CoreAVI’s embedded OpenCL is the latest addition to its suite of software products designed to enable the use of AMD’s GPUs and SOCs in the high-reliability and mil-aero embedded systems markets.

“AMD is excited about CoreAVI’s development of OpenCL for real-time operating systems with our AMD Embedded GSeries SOC featuring AMD Radeon HD 8000 Series Graphics,” says Kamal Khouri, director of embedded products of AMD. “The combination of AMD’s high-performance SOCs and GPUs with CoreAVI’s embedded OpenCL and widely adopted OpenGL solutions provide a unique and powerful product offering leading design improvements for real-time embedded applications across multiple markets.”

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