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Thin film optical filter blocks laser interference and improves flight safety

Thin film optical filter blocks laser interference and improves flight safety

Lamda Guard, a subsidiary of Metamaterial Technologies Inc, in the U.K., has developed metaAIR, which uses an array of nano-particles of specific periodic geometry (called metamaterials) to protect flight crews from laser strikes.


Exelis upgrades and tests GPS threat detection technology

Exelis engineers have enhanced the company’s Signal Sentry 1000, which detects and locates sources of intentional and unintentional interference to GPS signals, with sensors that increase detection accuracy to better pinpoint the jamming source, enhanced analytics to recognize patterns of jamming, and history functionality to comprehend where interference happened and to follow its path. Jamming events can now be instantly reported via text or email so that appropriate resources may be deployed to an incident.

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Boeing tests anti-jamming technology for satellites, shielding signals from interference

Boeing engineers have proven the company’s new anti-jamming communications technology is capable of operating as either a ground-based user terminal or satellite-based networking hub.

EMI/RFI shielding essential in safety-critical systems

Advances in electronics technology deliver myriad benefits, but also pose challenges – especially for today’s engineers. The proliferation of advanced electronics and wireless solutions is driving the need, now more than ever, to shield safety- and mission-critical systems from electromagnetic interference (EMI), also known as radio frequency interference (RFI).

FAA Administrator Huerta addresses effects of unmanned aircraft on national airspace, safety

FAA Administrator Huerta addresses effects of unmanned aircraft on national airspace, safety

ATLANTA, 6 May 2015. FAA Administrator Micheal Huerta held a press conference today at AUVSI 2015 in Atlanta to discuss the Federal Aviation Administration’s activities, as well as challenges and soultions, around the integration of myriad unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), also commonly called drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), into the national airspace system (NAS).

FAA debuts B4UFLY app to help UAS pilots operate safely and legally

FAA debuts B4UFLY app to help UAS pilots operate safely and legally

ATLANTA, 6 May 2015. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) launched and demonstrated B4UFLY, a new smartphone application (app), today at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Unmanned Systems 2015 conference in Atlanta, Ga. FAA officials will release the app, designed to help model aircraft and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) users know if it is safe and legal to fly in their current or planned location, to approximately 1,000 beta testers later this summer.

Parrot taps Azimuth channel emulator for drone testing in real-world conditions

Parrot taps Azimuth channel emulator for drone testing in real-world conditions

PARIS, 5 May 2015. Officials at Parrot, a global provider of advanced technology wireless products in Paris, sought an automated, mobile solution for testing the performance of its drones in real-world conditions. They found their solution at Azimuth Systems Inc. in Acton, Mass., with the company’s ACE MX channel emulator.

White Papers & Executive Briefings

Improving Throughput with your Power Supply: Application Hints 1 through 10

April 29, 2015 Manufacturers continue to be asked to do more with less. Increasing throughput can reduce the amount of equipment used in test and the physical constraints of a manufacturing si...

A Superior Solution for Press-Fit Pin and Receptacle Applications

April 17, 2015 The press-fit pins and receptacles that we apply to interconnect electronic modules are examples of products whose quality can be critical to the success or failure of a specifi...
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The Fast Guide to Protecting COTS Electronics with Conformal Coatings

April 1, 2015 This whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of  conformal coating, advantages of conformal coating, and applications for conformal coating to enable COTS technology. ...

RR1P Rugged Pluggable Canister RAID Delivers Continuous Data Recording

March 27, 2015 RR1P removable canister RAID data storage system enables military ISR data to be removed from a plane, ship or ground vehicle in under two minutes.  The canister connects t...

Multi-Cavity Board Level Shielding: When Maximizing PCB Real Estate and Reducing Weight is Critical

March 27, 2015 As electronic devices continue to get smaller and printed circuit board complexity increases due to higher operating frequencies, the requirements for board level shielding solu...
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Press Releases

One Part Epoxy Resists up to 500°F and Meets NASA Low Outgassing Specifications

Master Bond Supreme 12AOHT-LO is a one component epoxy for a variety of bonding and sealing applications in the aerospace, electronic, electro-optic and OEM industries. This system fully passes ASTM E595 testing for NASA low outgassing and is well suited for vacuum environments.

Low Viscosity, One Part Cyanoacrylate Is Non-Toxic and Meets ISO 10993-5 Specifications

Master Bond MB250NT is widely used for a variety of applications ranging from repair to high speed production for disposable/reusable medical devices and passes ISO 10993-5 testing requirements. It also resists EtO and gamma sterilization processes.

Thermally Conductive, Two Component Epoxy Passes USP Class VI Tests and ISO 10993-5 Specifications

With biocompatibility and cytotoxicity certifications, Master Bond EP21AOLV-2Med is often selected for bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation applications in the medical device industry. This two component epoxy system withstands a variety of sterilization methods, including EtO, radiation and many cold sterilants.

One Component, Snap Cure Epoxy Features High Strength Properties

Suitable for a variety of applications in the electronic, aerospace and OEM industries, Master Bond EP3SP5FL is a single component epoxy that cures in 1-2 minutes at 300°F. Since it requires heat curing, it essentially has “unlimited” working life at room temperature.

Curtiss-Wright’s New Rugged Mobile IP Router Subsystem Features an Integrated Cisco® 5915 ESR Router

Curtiss-Wright Corporation today announced that its Defense Solutions division, a Cisco® Systems Solution Technology Integration (STI) partner, has introduced the Parvus DuraMAR 5915 3X Series, an enhanced version of its commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Parvus DuraMAR 5915 rugged SWaP-C optimized mobile IP Router subsystem. The new rugged subsystem combines an integrated Cisco®

VICTORY Shared Processing, Fire Control Computer, and Switch for Ground Vehicles Introduced by Curtiss-Wright

Curtiss-Wright Corporation today announced that its Defense Solutions division has introduced a new fully integrated commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Ground Control System (GCS) processing and network switch subsystem. Designed for use with the U.S. Army’s VICTORY (Vehicular Integration for C4ISR/EW Interoperability) network architecture, the GCS combines rugged processing and Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)


Curtiss-Wright Corporation’s Defense Solutions division applauds Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) on the recent successful first flight of the second MQ-4C Triton unmanned aircraft system (UAS) built for the U.S. Navy. Operating out of a manufacturing facility in Palmdale, Calif., a Navy and Northrop Grumman flight test team conducted the

GE Announces First Sub-Credit Card-Sized Multi-Function High Definition (HD) Video Tracker

HUNTSVILLE, AL.— OCTOBER 13, 2014—GE’s Intelligent Platforms business today announced at AUSA (October 13-15, Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington DC) the rugged ADEPT4000 compact high definition digital video tracker with electronic image processing. It is the first HD digital video tracker with the capability to perform tracking, image


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