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Air Force asks Boeing for prototype avionics for upgrade of Air Force One aircraft

TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, Okla., 30 March 2015. Special aircraft experts at the Boeing Co., are moving forward with a project to upgrade important avionics subsystems aboard the nation's two VC-25A presidential transport aircraft, which when in operation are known as Air Force One.

Navy chooses electronic jammer transmitters from Cobham for Navy EA-18G jets

PATUXENT RIVER NAS, Md., 30 March 2015. U.S. Navy electronic warfare (EW) experts are looking to Cobham plc to provide transmitters for electronic jammers for Navy EA-18G jet aircraft avionics that are designed to spoof and blind enemy low-frequency radar systems.

VNX-based small-form-factor mission computer for avionics uses introduced by CES

GENEVA, Switzerland, 30 March 2015. CES-Creative Electronic Systems SA in Geneva, Switzerland, is introducing the ROCK-3210 rugged VNX small-form-factor mission computer for deployed avionics and aerospace applications.

Sparton acquires, expands into ruggedized electronics space

Sparton acquires, expands into ruggedized electronics space

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., 19 March 2015. Sparton Corp.’s (NYSE:SPA) wholly owned subsidiary, Sparton of Canada Ltd., has acquired Inc., an Ontario-based manufacturer of built-to-order and custom-configured ruggedized computers and peripherals – such as mini PCs, rackmount server PCs, portable PCs, and touch-screen displays – for military, government, industrial, and commercial applications.

Rockwell Collins to provide oceanic data link services to FAA for increased safety, fuel savings

Rockwell Collins to provide oceanic data link services to FAA for increased safety, fuel savings

ANNAPOLIS, Md., 18 March 2015. Rockwell Collins won a seven-year Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) contract to provide its oceanic data link (ODL) service to enable real-time, data communications between pilots and air traffic controllers, the goal of which is to have aircraft fly more efficient routes to save fuel and enhance safety.

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