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Intelligent Aerospace's Resource Library delivers downloadable technical and market information for the aerospace industry. Here you’ll find our Executive Briefings - concise eBook collections of recent articles compiled by Editor In Cheif Courtney Howard to provide a timely, insightful summary of, and deep dive into, a specific topic. You'll also find our latest White Papers by leading industry innovators.

Executive Briefings

Executive Briefings are downloadable (PDF) high-level summaries of key industry topics by Intelligent Aerospace editors accompanied by a package of hand-selected recent, must-read articles on the topic from the pages of the Intelligent Aerospace website.

The Executive Briefing gives readers a direct line to Executive Editor Courtney Howard's insight into an ongoing industry topic. The downloadable format makes them perfect not only for desktop reading and printing, but also for taking on the go – ground or air – on a laptop, iPad or tablet, or a Kindle or other eBook devices.


Intelligent Aerospace Executive Briefings

Modern aerospace electronics deliver critical data

September 30, 2015 Data is in demand today, as are the data acquisition (DAQ) hardware and software that deliver information crucial to the success of an ever-expanding variety of data-intensive applications, workflows, and missions. Aerospace engineers an...

White Papers

White papers are downloadable (PDF) high-level summaries of key aerospace, avionics, aircraft & aviation industry topics. All our white papers are crafted by companies who are leading innovators in the industry.

Our white papers give readers insight into an ongoing industry topic. The downloadable format makes them perfect not only for desktop reading and printing, but also for taking on the go – ground or air – on a laptop, iPad or tablet, or a Kindle or other eBook devices.

Intelligent Aerospace White Papers

RR1P Rugged Removable Canister RAID Disk Array Moves 19 TB From Plane to Ground in 2 Minutes

August 31, 2015

RR1P removable canister RAID data storage system enables military ISR data to be removed from a plane, ship or ground vehicle in under two minutes.  The canister connects to the ¾ ATR chassis with a military grade connector designed for 10,000 insertion cycles. It weighs only 25 pounds including a five pound removable canister with up to 19.2 TB of compact, rugged, high performance mobile RAID data storage.

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How to select the best motor controller for your demanding application

August 28, 2015 Selecting the appropriate motor controller for your application does not have to be an impossible challenge, and this paper will help you focus in on the motor controller and drive solution best suited to meet your needs.  Factors to consider vary by application across a variety of industries, including: military, space, commercial avionics, and industrial. Motor controller and drive applications can have varying functional and performance requirements, such as: environment, temperature,...

Product Reliability Builds on Robust Interconnect Solutions

August 7, 2015 Connectors play a critical role in electrical systems of just about any product we can imagine.  For designers, advances in connector design, materials, and manufacturing ensure availability of an interconnect solution well matched to each individual application. One of the main components of connectors and discrete interconnect systems is the pin receptacle. This article discusses the various ways that the pin receptacle can be used for myriad applications. This White Paper brought to y...
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A Superior Solution for Press-Fit Pin and Receptacle Applications

August 7, 2015 The press-fit pins and receptacles that we apply to interconnect electronic modules are examples of products whose quality can be critical to the success or failure of a specific application. Electronic circuitry interconnected by press-fit pins and receptacles is so broad in application that their critical role in system performance cannot be given short shrift. Recognizing this, Mill-Max Mfg. has approached the design and manufacture of press-fit pins and receptacles with an uncompromising ...
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2015 Aerospace and Defense Symposium DVD

July 27, 2015

The DVD contains 17 technical papers focused on electronic warfare, radar, general RF and microwave, satellite and terrestrial communications. Most paper presentations include extensive speaker notes and additional resources such as application notes, datasheets, technical overviews, demo videos and useful web links. Also included is archived symposium content from 2012. Order Now.

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Utilizing Commercial Best Practices for Success in NewSpace

July 27, 2015 Keysight Technologies is excited to support the advancement of NewSpace, that disruptive force in the space industry that is driving completely new business models and is rapidly evolving with the proliferation of small satellites, new applications, services and infrastructure. Keysight has been the leading provider of electronic test and measurement solutions to the space industry for over 75 years. We are committed to providing the critical information, products and services that ensure you...

2015 Back to Basics DVD - Modern Measurement Fundamentals

July 27, 2015 Your measurement challenges are increasingly complex and the technologies you work with are changing rapidly. The 2015 Back to Basics DVD includes more than 50 new application notes as well as webcasts and videos that cover a wide variety of modern measurement topics from design simulation to digital and modular instrumentation. The list below is just a sampling of what's new and updated for 2015: Webcasts/Videos 10 Oscilloscope Innovations You Really Want Fundamentals of RF Design Network A...

Controlling the EMI Effects of Avionic Equipment in Aircraft

May 27, 2015 Not protecting avionic equipment from electromagnetic interference (EMI) can result in detrimental consequences such as degradation or even malfunctioning. EMI can affect cockpit radios and radar signals, interfering with communication between pilot and control tower. Devices that can cause interference in aircraft include laptop computers, electronic games, cell phones, and electronic toys, and all have been suspected of causing events such as autopilot disconnects, erratic flight deck indic...
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Connect The Data: Benefits of Networked Training and Simulation

May 26, 2015 Transformation is underway in the way we live and work, driven by the ability to connect devices for improved communication and interoperability—with little or no human intervention. It’s a concept known as the Internet of Things (IoT). In the training and simulation industry, however, most simulators still operate in a standalone mode. There are concerns about security and compliance with Information Assurance (IA) standards. Best practices now exist that address these concerns, and once tra...
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