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Companies move forward with effort to repackage Joint STARS radar for smaller aircraft

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass., 31 Aug. 2015. Three U.S. defense prime contractors are moving forward with a cost-cutting program to redesign the sophisticated ground-monitoring radar system of the U.S. Air Force Joint Surveillance and Attack Radar System (Joint STARS) for a business jet or other relatively small aircraft.

L-3 Link to upgrade F-16 flight simulators to reflect latest jet fighter systems

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, Ohio, 31 Aug. 2015. Simulation and training experts at L-3 Link Simulation & Training in Arlington, Texas, will upgrade the flight software of advanced U.S. Air Force F-16 Block 40/50 flight simulators.

FAA moves away from owning data centers, to the Cloud

FAA moves away from owning data centers, to the Cloud

WASHINGTON, 28 Aug. 2015. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials, wanting to benefit from advanced computing solutions in the Cloud, awarded a $108 million, 10-year contract to CSC Government Solutions, which will lead an overall integration effort to include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and other leading Cloud providers.

Air Force continues project to upgrade propeller control systems in C-130 aircraft

ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, Ga., 24 Aug. 2015. U.S. Air Force Reserve C-130 utility turboprop aircraft are receiving computer-controlled propeller control to enhance aircraft safety and performance.

Thales to build prototype deployable instrument landing systems for worldwide use

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass., 17 Aug. 2015. Avionics experts at Thales Defense & Security Inc. in Clarksburg, Md., are taking the next step in developing a deployable aircraft instrument landing system for precision military aircraft approach worldwide in difficult conditions.

Rugged network storage subsystem for military avionics introduced by Curtiss-Wright

ASHBURN, Va., 17 Aug. 2015. The Curtiss-Wright Corp. Defense Solutions Division in Ashburn, Va., is introducing an enhanced version of its rugged CNS4 Compact Network Storage subsystem for military avionics applications that require high-speed data recording, cryptography and removable storage.

Air Force chooses 25 companies in $20.9 billion contract for flight training & simulation

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, Ohio, 14 Aug. 2015. U.S. Air Force flight training & simulation experts are spending as much as $20.9 billion and involving 25 U.S. providers of flight simulators in an effort to streamline their acquisition and procurement process.

Small-form-factor MIL-STD-1553 and MIL-STD-1760 interfaces introduced by Holt

MISSION VIEJO, Calif., 14 Aug. 2015. Holt Integrated Circuits in Mission Viejo, Calif., is introducing the MAMBA family of MIL-STD-1553 and MIL-STD-1760 avionics databus interface devices in an ultra-compact form factor.

Air Force wants new electronics cooling techniques for fighter aircraft

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, 13 Aug. 2015. U.S. Air Force electronics thermal management experts are asking industry for new ideas on how to cool the electronics on future fighter aircraft, which could be at least 10 times more demanding than they are today.

Rockwell Collins provides prototype differential GPS for JPALS risk reduction

Rockwell Collins provides prototype differential GPS for JPALS risk reduction

PATUXENT RIVER NAS, Md., 12 Aug. 2015. U.S. Navy shipboard electronics experts needed a precision Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite navigation system for a differential GPS-based carrier landing system. They found their solution from Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Lockheed Martin to provide flight computers for MC-130J special-ops aircraft

McCLELLAN, Calif., 10 Aug. 2015. U.S. military microelectronics experts are asking Lockheed Martin Corp. to upgrade special-operations flight computers aboard the U.S. Air Force MC-130J Commando II special-ops aircraft, as well as manufacture several of the upgraded airborne computers.

Rugged avionics computer that saves space and eases upgradeability offered by CES

GENEVA, 10 Aug. 2015. Creative Electronic Systems SA (CES) in Geneva is introducing the ROCK-2 rugged, modular, avionics computer with a computing power scalable from 3,000 to 170,000 DMIPS.

Lockheed Martin to provide support and obsolescence mitigation for AEHF SATCOM

LOS ANGELES AFB, Calif., 3 Aug. 2015. Lockheed Martin Corp. has won a couple of contracts to help bring the U.S. military's Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) high-bandwidth satellite communications (SATCOM) network on line later this year.

Rugged Gigabit Ethernet switch for avionics and space introduced by Aitech

CHATSWORTH, Calif., 3 Aug. 2015. Aitech Defense Systems Inc. in Chatsworth, Calif., is introducing the rugged A661 standalone, managed, Layer 2/3 IPv6 48-port Gigabit Ethernet switch for military, aerospace, and low-Earth-orbit space applications.

Open-systems architecture for airborne electro-optical sensor pods offered by Northrop Grumman

Open-systems architecture for airborne electro-optical sensor pods offered by Northrop Grumman

WASHINGTON, 27 July 2015. Electro-optical sensor experts at Northrop Grumman Corp. are introducing a new sensor architecture to enable aircraft sensor technicians to swap sensors in theater using the same sensor pod.

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