London's Gatwick Airport plays catch-up after air traffic control problem grounded flights

The airport said it planned to resume full operations today, reported Jayme Deerwester for USA Today.

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LONDON - London’s Gatwick Airport is playing catch up after “an air traffic control systems issue” temporarily halted all takeoffs and landings for about two hours early Wednesday evening. The airport said it planned to resume full operations Thursday, reported Jayme Deerwester for USA Today. Continue reading original article

The Intelligent Aerospace take:

July 11, 2019-Airport officials did not specify the exact nature of the issue in the tower that caused the delays to USA Today's Deerwester, but they did inform a local newspaper that a power issue involving IT equipment took approximately two hours to rectify. As a result, 95 flights were cancelled, and approximately 300 more were delayed.

"Flights have resumed at Gatwick following an earlier issue with the systems operated by ANS (Air Navigation Systems) in our air traffic control tower," airport officials said in a tweet Wednesday. "As we move back into full operations, we are likely to see some delays and further cancellations. We continue to advise all passengers traveling (Wednesday night) or (Thursday) to check the status of their flight with their airline before traveling to the airport."

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