TSA to brief industry on airport security enabling technologies for future passenger screening self-check

Just like grocery self-checkout and self-tagging checked baggage, many patrons prefer airport security screening that they can complete by themselves.

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WASHINGTON – U.S. airport security experts will brief industry next month on a potential new program to help airport passengers screen themselves, similarly to self-checkout at grocery stores, to enhance aviation security, reduce passenger wait times, and improve the passenger experience, reports John Keller for Military & Aerospace ElectronicsContinue reading original article

The Intelligent Aerospace take:

January 9, 2020 -DHS officials envision a passenger self-check solution to transform the TSA Pre concept of operations. TSA Pre enables airline passengers to go through an extensive screening process once every five years in exchange for expedited security screening at the airport.

Experts would like technology solutions that could be deployed together with an X-ray system and an automated screening lane to screen passengers themselves as they remove shoes, laptop computers, cell phones, tablet computers, foods, liquids, and thick books from their baggage.

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Jamie Whitney, Associate Editor
Intelligent Aerospace

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