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10 Vista Drive, Suite 101
Old Lyme, CT

FiberQA is the industry's most innovative developer of automated fiber optic end face inspection and cleaning systems. FiberQA has created, developed, patented, and manufactured automated test equipment for use across supply chains worldwide. From cable assembly to installation and maintenance onboard aircraft, FiberQA’s FastMT and AVIT systems provide consistent, reliable, mission-critical quality control in a fraction of the time it used to take with traditional, manual methods.

The lightning fast, single ferrule, inspection-only FastMT models are a perfect fit for workbenches. FastMT models come in 3 different magnifications to meet a variety of customer standards: 80x, 200x, and 400x. AVIT (short for Automated Visual Inspection Tool) systems utilize robotics to inspect every fiber on dozens (even hundreds!) of ferrules and connectors at just the press of a button. AVITs are the only fiber scopes on the market with the addition of built-in, robotic cleaning. AVITs range from desktop size to large, floor-standing units. FiberQA has also miniaturized the robotic AVIT technology (including cleaning) into a series of hands-free, probe-style fiber scopes: AVIT-CH, AVIT-RH, and AVIT-BP. These compact systems provide stable robotic inspection and cleaning to installed connectors in hard-to-reach-spaces.

Through multiple studies, and the use of simulated ferrules with known defects for calibration, FiberQA’s systems have a proven reproducibility, unparalleled in the industry. There are no other fiber optic end face inspection systems on the market as fast and reliable as a FastMT or AVIT.

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