Measuring Fiber End Face Inspection Microscope Reproducibility using Chrome on Glass Artifacts

Nov 9th, 2017

Fiber optic cable connector supply chains, from manufacturing to installation, have a difficult time maintaining an agreed upon standard of quality control. Fiber optic microscopes and inspection systems must be able to produce these consistent results that meet supply chain standards.

Lockheed Martin, Cinch Connectivity, and FiberQA conducted an important study using 3 FastMT-400 single ferrule inspection systems (one from each participant). The study utilized simulated MT ferrules made from chrome on glass artifacts to test the reproducibility across multiple systems. The simulated ferrules were created with a variety of known defects of varying widths within the range of greatest interest.

The test results from inspecting these simulated ferrules provided quantitative measurement of the FastMT scope’s very reliable reproducibility. Operators can use these calibration test targets on systems throughout an entire supply chain to ensure optimal and consistent results on all of their FastMT systems.

This white paper sponsored by FiberQA.

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