SOSA open-systems standard for embedded computing, sensor processing could be in final form by this summer

SOSA is to be an open-systems standard that relies on widely supported nonproprietary standards for key sensor and embedded computing interfaces.

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WASHINGTON – An emerging open-architecture embedded computing standard that offers to enable the U.S. military to specify embedded computing systems that are economical, powerful, upgradable, and competitive, could be finished and ratified by as early as this summer, writes John Keller for Military & Aerospace Electronics. Continue reading original article

The Intelligent Aerospace take:

October 18, 2019-The SOSA guidelines are expected to reduce development cycle time and cost; reduce systems integration cost and risk; increase commonality and reuse; reduce sustainment and modernization cost; support capability evolution and mitigate obsolescence; enable technology transition; facilitate interoperability; and isolate the effects of change.

One of the chief aims of SOSA is to narrow-down and focus existing industry standards like OpenVPX to promote interoperability among SOSA-based embedded computing and sensor-processing systems, and create a harmonious ecosystem that benefits the U.S. military forces, prime systems integrators, and embedded computing suppliers.

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Jamie Whitney, Associate Editor
Intelligent Aerospace

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