Embraer unveils multi-mission medium airlift C-390 Millennium

The C-390 Millennium, unveiled at the Dubai Air Show, is a tactical transport jet aircraft.

C 390 Millennium 04

Dubai, UAE, – Embraer today announced at the Dubai Air Show the name and designation of its multi-mission medium aircraft, the Embraer C-390 Millennium. In 2009, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) contracted Embraer to design, develop and manufacture the aircraft as a replacement for its aging C-130 fleet. Deliveries to FAB started last September. The C-390 Millennium is a tactical transport jet aircraft.

Some of the strong aspects of the aircraft are increased mobility, rugged design, higher flexibility, state-of-the-art yet proven technology, and easier maintenance. In addition, the C-390 Millennium can perform a variety of missions, such as cargo and troop transport, cargo and paratroopers airdrop, search and rescue, aerial firefighting, medical evacuation, and humanitarian missions. The designation KC-390 will be maintained for the customers that have opted for the aerial refueling capability. 

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