VME single-board computer for systems upgrades to military embedded computing introduced by Curtiss-Wright

The VME-1910 is for embedded systems upgrades that consolidate separate computer boards for demanding storage, data logging, and sensor processing.

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ASHBURN, Va. – The Curtiss-Wright Corp. Defense Solutions division in Ashburn, Va., is introducing the VME-1910 VME single board computer for system integrators seeking to modernize legacy VME systems.

The VME-1910 delivers high-performance multi-core computing and advanced trusted computing capabilities in a board that’s pin-compatible with many older generations of VME computer boards without increasing power consumption.

The VME-1910 is for use in systems consolidating the functionality of many separate computer board modules into a single board, satisfying demanding storage, data logging, and sensor processing requirements for a wide range of embedded applications and systems upgrades.

The VME-1910 features Intel’s powerful six-core hyper-threading Intel 8th Gen E-2176M Xeon processor with integrated graphics, support for software security, and delivers 60 percent more processing power than previous four-core designs.

The board has as much as 32 gigabytes of DDR4 memory; as much as 256 gigabytes of high-performance NVMe onboard data storage; support for two PMC/XMC expansion mezzanines; and software support for Linux, Wind River VxWorks, Green Hills Software INTEGRITY, Microsoft Windows, and Lynx Software Technologies LynxOS.

The VME-1910 Trusted computing features include the Curtiss-Wright TrustedCOTS Trusted Boot protections; Intel TPM 2.0 hardware RoT; Intel Boot Guard for verified/trusted boot; UEFI Secure Boot; and solid-state drive encryption.

The board also comes in air- and conduction-cooled versions. For more information contact Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions online at www.curtisswrightds.com.

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