Military avionics modernization, next-generation ATM technology covered at Avionics 2009

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, 12 Dec. 2008. – Next-generation air traffic management (ATM) and avionics modernization for military systems highlight the Avionics 2009 conference and exhibition. The event will be held March 11 and 12 at the Air Passenger terminal in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, 12 Dec. 2008.Next-generation air traffic management (ATM) and avionics modernization for military systems highlight the Avionics 2009 conference and exhibition. The event will be held March 11 and 12 at the Air Passenger terminal in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The conference theme is "Moving on to New Heights," and content will touch on how designers and system integrators are handling the challenges of next-generation systems and standards for avionics in commercial and defense applications.

Leading off the first session – "Future Air Traffic Management (Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) and NextGen)" – on March 11 at 10:30 am is Lars Lindberg, president of AVTECH in Akersberga, Sweden. His presentation is titled "Performance-Based Operations, Building Blocks of SESAR and NextGen Implemented and Used by ANSP's and Airlines Reducing Fuel Emission." It covers how performance-based operation (PBO) makes it possible to operate aircraft more efficiently. Lindberg discusses how the building blocks of SESAR and NextGen are available, yet at different stages of maturity in the delivery lines for Boeing and Airbus. The presentation will outline the operational concept, benefits in terms of capacity, efficiency and environmental load as well as the road to realize the first steps of the PBO concept.

Lindberg is also a member of the Avionics 2009 conference advisory board.

Also speaking in this session is Julio Ferreira, advanced design engineer for Embraer in Spain, whose presentation is titled "Future Avionics: Drivers, Goals and Continuous Innovation." It provides a brief review of the avionics systems evolution emphasizing some of the main differences among general aviation, business, air transport, and defense markets, which he uses to form the basis for a discussion about goals and general expectations for future avionics systems. Ferreira also addresses methods for how manufacturers can keep pace with the latest avionics technology.

Speakers on military avionics include Benjamin Wepfer, team leader for product management at RUAG Aerospace AG in Bern, Switzerland, who is speaking on the "Upgrade of 15 Super Pumas of the Swiss Air Force." His talk, which is part of the session on "Integrating COTS and dealing with obsolescence" at 4:00 pm on March 11, will cover the cockpit modernization for the Swiss air force Super Pumas. RUAG Aerospace is upgrading the transport helicopters (TH89) with new, additional capabilities such as digital displays to replace the electromechanical instruments and improved satellite communication. Wepfer says the "integration of the most modern technology will also enable the TH89 to be provided with new, additional capabilities especially in search and rescue flights (SAR)."

Leading off the session titled "Next-generation military avionics," on March 12 at 11:00 am is Chris Nicholas, supportability and mission systems team leader, for the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), an agency of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense (MOD). His talk – "Capability Agility - Novel Technologies & Processes for Military Aircraft Upgrades" –covers how "continuing extensions to military air platform out of service dates have placed greater demands on legacy avionic systems and architectures in terms of obsolescence mitigation and supporting new functionality. Dstl has been working to identify, de-risk, and demonstrate an affordable solution concept to the problem of ageing avionics that addresses obsolescence and upgrade requirements in a manner that is compatible with incremental acquisition. Nicholas will discuss technologies and processes that form part of this solution concept such as software emulation, modular and incremental certification, and various commercial communication developments.

Following Nicholas is Eric Billar, program manager for SESAR Civil Military Contribution at Eurocontrol in Brussels, Belgium who will speak about the "Certification of Military Systems for SESAR." The presentation covers how the "compatibility of military operations with the trajectory-based and net-centric SESAR Concept raises a number of challenges in terms of architecture and underlying technology infrastructure requiring the determination of civil-military interoperability solutions." He says a "seamless interaction between military systems and SESAR architecture elements can only be achieved if the standardization and certification dimensions are also considered." He also details how new performance-based requirements are needed to take into account military requirements.

Other session topics include electronic flight bags, certification and standards for future avionics systems (UAV's), technology for runway incursion, use of multicore processors in avionics systems, cost benefit analysis of implementing performance-based navigation and avionics upgrades, and more.

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While the main conference program targets issues for the global avionics industry, there will be workshops on tutorials on emerging standards in software and hardware as well as innovative ways to overcome technical and business challenges in procuring and integrating avionics systems and subsystems.

The content is for program and project managers, engineering managers, engineers, and commercial and military aerospace executives who are involved in avionics integration, manufacture, design, and technology standards development.

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This spring PennWell, the parent company of Military & Aerospace Electronics magazine, purchased Avionics Expo Limited, a U.K. company which owned and produced the Avionics conference and exhibition. The show's founder, Adrian Broadbent, was retained as event director.

PennWell also announced the first global expansion of the Avionics exposition with Avionics U.S.A., scheduled to run concurrently with the Military & Aerospace Electronics Forum in San Diego at the San Diego convention center on June 1 and 2, 2009. The new event offers two separate conferences and a shared exhibit floor. This shared environment will allow the senior level attendees to walk the entire show floor and mingle with the executives attending each event. Avionics U.S.A. conference content will be modeled after the Amsterdam event

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