Raytheon to build command-and-control SATCOM system to link nuclear forces to national command authorities

The Global ASNT system uses EHF and Advanced EHF waveforms to provide protected communications to nuclear bomber, missile, and support aircraft crews.

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HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. – Satellite communications (SATCOM) experts at the Raytheon Co. Space and Airborne Systems segment in Marlborough, Mass., are designing a nuclear command-and-control system to transmit and receive emergency action messages to strategic bomber, tanker, and reconnaissance aircraft crews, writes John Keller for Military & Aerospace Electronics.

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The Intelligent Aerospace take:

July 24, 2019-The Global ASNT terminals that Raytheon is designing will replace existing mission-deficient unsustainable systems at bomber, tanker, and reconnaissance wing command posts and mobile support teams, Air Force officials say.

The Global ASNT terminals will provide advanced EHF, very-low-frequency (VLF), low-frequency (LF), and UHF aircrew alerting communications. Air Force program managers have asked Raytheon to design the Global ASNT system with an eye to future growth and systems upgrades.

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